Watermelon, Golden Midget

Watermelon, Golden Midget

(Citrullus lanatus) According to the Seed Savers Exchange this variety was bred by Professor Elwyn Meader and Albert Yaeger at the University of New Hampshire in 1959. It is a cross between "New Hampshire Midget" watermelon and "Pumpkin Rind" watermelon.

It is possible that the watermelon originated in Africa and that it was cultivated in the Nile Valley as early as the 2nd millennium BCE and is mentioned in the Bible.

Later the watermelon was brought to India and China before being brought to Europe. It was brought to North America by European colonists and African slaves.

This variety produces 3 pound fruit, perfect for one or two people, with salmon pink flesh and a thin rind which turns golden yellow when the fruit is ripe. Most people don't grow watermelon because the varieties we have been familiar with need a lot of heat and are long to mature. This variety matures in approximately 70 days making it ideal for our short but relatively warm summers.

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